NEW: Illegal Alien Crime Aggregation Site ‘Suspended’ By Hosting Service

A website that chronicled the crimes of illegal aliens and migrants appears to have been suspended by its web host.

The website,, known for sharing news stories and government press releases about foreigners committing crimes in the United States, appears to be offline as of Thursday.

The site asks the visitor to contact the hosting provider for more information:

The stories on the site usually summarized each incident of crime, then linked back to the original news report or press release. Each story was written by Dave Gibson.

The Rundown News was not able to confirm whether that name is a pseudonym.


The site, which sometimes levied the label of “illegal alien” against subjects of the news stories it shared without evidence, was nonetheless a valuable resource to those interested monitoring crimes potentially committed by illegal aliens or migrants.

If a story on the site did not provide proof that the alleged criminal was an illegal alien — sometimes because the alien is not illegal, or other times due to leftist media malfeasance and the open borders agenda — one could simply contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and see if the law enforcement entity had lodged a detainer against the criminal. It is also possible to confirm such information by contacting the jail where suspect was held.

The political left has a history of shutting down websites of political opponents, though it is not yet as brazen as other forms of online censorship. Hosting services are often run by Silicon Valley leftists who disagree with conservative politics.

Given that illegal immigration is a sensitive topic of debate, it’s possible that the Illegal Alien Crime Report fell victim to this type of censorship.

This story is developing.

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