Reports: Former Al-Qaeda Member Arrested in Arizona for Iraqi Murders

An Iraqi refugee was arrested Thursday and arraigned in court Friday after Arizona authorities learned of a warrant for his arrest issued by the Iraqi government, according to several reports.

“According to a statement, a warrant was issued for the arrest of 42-year-old Ali Yousif Ahmed Al-Nouri on Wednesday,” Fox10 Phoenix reported.

“Justice officials accuse Al-Nouri of being a leader of a group of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Al-Fallujah, Iraq which planned operations targeting the Iraqi police force,” the report continued.

It said that Al-Nouri and other al-Qaeda members were accused of assassinating two Iraqi police officers in Fallujah in June and October of 2006.

According to The Washington Post, not only did Al-Nouri come to the United States as a refugee in 2008, but he became a citizen just two years ago, in 2018. He used an alias while living in Arizona, calling himself Ali Ahmed.

“A Phoenix-area resident, who is alleged to have been the leader of a group of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Al-Fallujah, Iraq, appeared today before a federal magistrate judge,” a Department of Justice statement said. “He is wanted to stand trial in Iraq for two charges of premeditated murder committed in 2006.”

The Post, citing court documents, said that Al-Nouri was allegedly present when on June 1, 2006, when police officer Issam Ahmed Hussein was murdered. During that incident, Al-Nouri apparently tried to play peacemaker between the officer and one of his Al-Qaeda friends. He was told to back off by his terrorist comrades, one of whom shot and killed Hussein before the group fled the scene.

But Al-Nouri was allegedly more than a bystander in the Oct. 3, 2006 murder of Khalid Ibrahim Mohammad. Two witnesses identified him as a the perpetrator of the crime, saying that he got out of his car, originally wearing a mask which fell off, and shot and killed Mohammad. Witnesses told police that Al-Nouri was “known for conducting assassination operations on members of the police force.”

“After police arrested one of the other men who allegedly gunned down the officers, he told police that Ahmed was the leader of an al-Qaeda group, the complaint said,” according to The Post.

The report also said that Al-Nouri was detained and questioned by the FBI while traveling back to the United States from a trip to Istanbul in 2019. He was apparently released.

A warrant for his arrest issued by the Iraqi court in May of 2019.

Al-Nouri was fortunate enough to come to the United States legally as a refugee. America took him in willingly.

But The Rundown News has often reported on terrorist connections to Mexican cartels, and how Islamic extremists exploit America’s open borders with help from those cartels.

In an exclusive January interview with former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo, The Rundown News reported on extensive Iran’s reach in the United States.

From that story:

“We still have to worry about Middle Eastern terrorists crossing into the United States illegally,” Tancredo told The Rundown News.

He referenced the now-famous Qasem Soleimani, who led the Quds Force, an elite unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Soleimani was killed in an airstrike ordered by President Trump last week.

In 2011, Soleimani’s terror group targeted then-U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir for assassination in Washington, D.C. Tancredo said the Iranian terrorist attempted to contract members of the Los Zetas Cartel to kill al-Jubeir.

“[The terrorist group] paid to have these people smuggled in,” Tancredo told The Rundown News. “They pay big money to do this. They have done this on more than one occasion.”

Tancredo was once himself the target of two Pakistani hit squads dispatched to kill him on U.S. soil.

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