CBP Seizes Almost $9 Million Worth of Drugs in Southwest Texas

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Tuesday announced that it seized $8.7 million worth of illicit narcotics over the weekend in southwest Texas.

Both incidents occurred when separate tractor trailers were stopped at the World Trade Bridge near Laredo for secondary inspections.

“CBP officers display a high level of vigilance in preventing contraband from entering our country each day,” Laredo Port Director Gregory Alvarez said.


In the first instance, a Freightliner tractor trailer hauling plastic containers was stopped on Friday.

“Upon a canine and non-intrusive imaging inspection by CBP officers, a total of 137 packages containing 3,272 pounds of alleged marijuana were discovered within the shipment,” CBP said in press release.

The second bust occurred less than 24 hours earlier.

A second Freightliner tractor trailer was stopped and inspected, and agents turned up 159 packages containing 581 pounds of what CBP believes to be methamphetamine.

“The narcotics combined have an estimated street value of $8,790,180,” according to the release.

Southwest Texas, particularly the Rio Grande Valley, is known hotspot for illegal border crossings, as well as human and drug smuggling.

Fisher Industries, a private construction company headquartered in North Dakota, has been building sections of border wall on private land in the Rio Grande Valley with funding from private citizens collected by non-profit We Build The Wall (WBTW).

In a previous interview with The Rundown News, U.S. Senate candidate and former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a WBTW board member, explained the importance of building the wall in that region, which he says allows CBP and other law enforcement entities to concentrate their efforts in certain areas, instead of having to patrol hundreds of miles of open border territory.

“This is a perfect example of why we need a border wall along the entirety of the southern border,” he said in late January, “because the southern border has become a staging point for people from Asia, Africa, and South America to enter the United States. The only thing that serves as a deterrent is a border wall combined with the multiplying effect of Border Patrol. The more wall that is built, the more Border Patrol can monitor.”

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