CONFIRMED: Mass Migration Allowed Foreign Coronavirus Patient Into U.S.

A Dell employee from India is the first person confirmed to have brought the novel Coronavirus to the United States due to mass migration, possibly infecting Americans in Austin, TX.

According to the City of Austin’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management, the city “does not believe the man contracted the illness in Austin because the city currently does not have any reported person-to-person cases,” meaning that the man brought the illness with him from India.

He tested positive in India, just days after returning from Texas.


American tech companies are known for shipping jobs offshore to cut labor costs. Those workers are employed via H1-B visas, which are foreign guest work visas for “high-skilled” workers.

U.S. Tech Workers, a non-profit that focuses on the replacement of high-skilled American workers with foreign visa workers, chastised Dell and the H1-B program via Twitter.

“A sign of things to come thanks to the H-1B visa program still active as usual,” the group said.

Michelle Malkin, a known critic of open borders and the H-1B visa program, also weighed in on Twitter, noting that there is a “Potential H-1B-Corona virus nexus.”

Mass migration, both legal and illegal, is an issue that has worried forward-thinking border hawks for months.

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach spoke with The Rundown News about the dangers of open borders in relation to the pandemic in January.

“This is a perfect example of why we need a border wall along the entirety of the southern border,” he said at the time, “because the southern border has become a staging point for people from Asia, Africa, and South America to enter the United States.”

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