Denver City Councilwoman Promotes Biological Warfare Against Trump Supporters

In a particularly malicious Tweet, a member of Denver’s City Council showed her approval for a plan to use biological warfare against supporters of President Donald J. Trump.

Candi CdeBaca, a member of Denver’s City Council from District 9, enthusiastically supported another Twitter user who posted a grim warning on the microblogging site several days ago.


“For the record, if I do get the coronavirus, I’m attending every MAGA rally I can,” the post said.

CdeBaca, a democratic socialist and supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), describes herself in her Twitter biography as a “Social Worker, Community Organizer, sCHOLAr and Chingona.”

Chingona is a Spanish slang word which roughly translates to “bad ass woman.”

The Tweet is still live on the Councilwoman’s account at the time of this writing. It has garnered nearly 3,000 responses.

“You should resign from the city council immediately you evil, soulless woman,” conservative commentator Mark Dice said.

Fears of a global pandemic continue as the Coronavirus has now killed more than 3,000 people worldwide, mostly in China, Italy, and Iran. There have been six confirmed deaths from the illness in the United States, all in Washington state.

CdeBaca’s office did not immediately return a comment request.

Update: Tuesday morning, CdeBaca’s office released a statement in response to the controversy.

“Councilwoman CdeBaca made a sarcastic tweet on Twitter to call attention to the Trump administration’s downplaying of the Coronavirus outbreak as a ‘hoax’ no more dangerous than the common flu,” the statement said. “Rather than conservative outlets making a four-day-old Tweet their focus on Super Tuesday, they should focus their energy on demanding a competent Federal response to this public health crisis instead.”

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