NEW: Two Beheadings, 24 Murders In Mexican Border City This Week

For the second time this week, Mexican authorities in the city of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, on the border with Texas, found a severed head in the street.

“Police on Tuesday were alerted to a plastic bag containing human remains on a street corner in a neighborhood east of the Juarez airport,” Border Report said. “The remains turned out to be a severed head, according to El Diario de Juarez.”


On Monday, cops found a severed head along the side of a busy street in Juarez, only to find the rest of the body blocks away.

“Twenty-four murders were recorded in Juarez during the first three days in March, and authorities attribute that to the ripples of a recent jail transfer involving the leader of the “Mexicles” gang — the enforcement arm of the Sinaloa cartel — at the end of February,” according to Border Report.

Mexico is a failed state which is predominantly run by cartels.

There were more than 75 murders in Juarez in February, and those murders sparked an outcry from women’s rights activists who said women and girls are specifically being targeted in a what they describe as a “femicide.”

After a dead woman was found skinned and young girl found murdered, a prominent radio show host in Juarez who had spoken out against the killings on air was also murdered.

The Rundown News reported:

The latest victim in a string of femicides in Mexico that have women’s rights activists reeling was a radio show host in cartel-controlled Juarez.

“Police in Juarez identified the 37-year-old woman killed in front of her parents home Tuesday as a known radio personality known as Bárbara Greco,” Border Report said.

“Greco, whose real name was Aracely Alocer Carmona, was outside her home in Colonia El Barreal in North Juarez,” the report continued. “Juarez Municipal Police say she was shot twice in the head while talking with her father outside of the house.”

She reportedly worked at La Poderosa 107.5 FM in Juarez, where she discussed topics including horoscopes and spirituality.

Mexican cartels are known for their extreme violence, and one gang allegedly murdered a family of Mormons who had dual-citizenship with the United States, but lived in a compound in Colonia Le Barón in the state of Chihuahua which is close in proximity to Juarez.

That slaying was passed off as an accident, but a family member of the slain Mormons told The Rundown News that the cartel knowingly slaughtered innocent American women and children. (RELATED: Exclusive: Member of Slain Mormon Family Says Cartel Murder Was Intentional)

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