School District Withheld Info on Coronavirus Quarantine Over ‘Discrimination’ Concerns

According to a local California news station, a school district withheld information about the quarantine of a family member of a student who tested positive for the Coronavirus case to avoid “discrimination” against Asian students.

Now, the school district is closed for at least a week.


KCRA’s Marlei Martinez reported that the Elk Grove Unified School District in Sacramento County, CA, has canceled classes for a week — only after “an internal email surfaced showing school leaders knew a relative was exposed to an infected person & kept that info CONFIDENTIAL.”

“Friday evening, the Sacramento County Public Health Department (SCPH) confirmed that an EGUSD was put on quarantine because of testing positive for COVID-19,” a statement from the school district said.

But according to Martinez, the school closure came after an email warning staff not to tell students about the quarantine, for fear of “discrimination” against Asian students.

“Please keep this information confidential and DO NOT PASS THIS INFORMATION TO STUDENTS,” an internal email to school staff said. “We have already had incidents in the upper grades of discrimination/teasing towards Asian students due to the hype.”

According to Martinez, a school spokeswoman blamed the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) for the confidentiality.

“Any kind of confidential information that goes out is a breach of our obligation towards FERPA and we will be definitely investigating,” the spokeswoman reportedly said.

Martinez reported that no students or staff at Elk Grove have tested positive for the illness, only a family member of a student.

Elk Grove is the fifth-largest school district in the California, and the closure impacts 63,000 families, according to Martinez.

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